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What is the Gonstead Technique in Chiropractic Care?

Written By Platinum Chiropractic on April 27, 2020

Gonstead Technique Out of the hundreds of chiropractic techniques used all over the world, few come close to the Gonstead technique. This is because Dr. Clarence Gonstead (1898-1978) spent more than 50 years developing the Gonstead system from his clinic in Wisconsin. His work was based majorly on observation, clinical research of the human frame, and practice. 

With his immense understanding of the spinal mechanics in relation to the central nervous system, combined with unparalleled work ethics, Dr. Gonstead was able to develop one of the most effective and sought-after chiropractic techniques in history. 

But what does the Gonstead technique in chiropractic care involve? 

How Does the Gonstead Technique in Chiropractic Care Work? 

This system involves performing a complete spine analysis to detect the presence of subluxations. It has five diagnostic criteria:

  • Visualization: Your chiropractor will look for awkward postures and body movements that could indicate problems with your normal frame. 
  • Instrumentation: The Gonstead method utilizes the nervoscope to detect uneven heat distribution along the spine that could indicate inflammation or nerve compression. 
  • Static Palpation: In a stationary position, your chiropractor will feel your spine for any presence of tightness, swelling, or abnormal texture in the muscles and tissues of your back. 
  • Motion Palpation: Next, the chiropractor will feel your spine while bending and moving it at various angles to determine how easy (or stiff) it is to move in different directions. 
  • X-Ray Assessment: Finally, the chiropractor will run an X-ray analysis of your spine to easily visualize and evaluate your posture, misaligned vertebrae, and joint integrity. To fully substantiate the findings, the radiographs will be taken in a standing and weight-bearing position. 

After the analysis, the Gonstead chiropractor will deliver the necessary adjustments addressing only the areas of subluxations (partial disc dislocations). Gonstead adjustments are specific, precise, and accurate to restore optimal health by removing interferences in the nervous system. 

Experienced Gonstead Chiropractor in Eden Prairie 

Dr. Ian McNeil of Platinum Chiropractic has utilized the Gonstead technique for over 15 years treating people of all ages with different musculoskeletal issues. 

If you're experiencing any back pains and have a limited range of motion, schedule an appointment with us at our Eden Prairie office. Contact us at 952-941-2225.

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