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Why Choose Chiropractic for Low Back Pain Care?

Written By Platinum Chiropractic on August 29, 2019

Man with low back pain Low back pain is one of the most common complaints worldwide.

According to the World Health Organization, up to 70% of people in industrialized countries will suffer from back pain at least once in their lives. Whether you spend your days sitting behind a desk or lifting heavy items for work, you can’t escape the risk of spinal injury and back pain.

You can, however, seek professional and comprehensive chiropractic low back pain care that gets to the root of your problem.

Treating Conditions, Not Symptoms

A majority of people with low back pain choose chiropractic care. 22 million Americans see a chiropractor each year and 35% of them are looking for natural back pain relief.

Your chiropractic doctor will learn about your health history, ask you questions about your pain, and conduct a detailed examination complete with x-rays. During your exam, the doctor looks for structural shifts in your spine, joints, and vertebrae that may cause nerve damage, spasms, or other pain.

People trust chiropractic for low back pain care because it’s non-invasive. Your doctor of chiropractic wants you to avoid surgery and won’t prescribe dangerous pain medications. That’s why the American Academy of Physicians recently updated its guidelines, suggesting that doctors opt for drug-free treatments like spinal manipulation over narcotics.

Personalized Low Back Pain Care in Eden Prairie

Dr. Ian McNeil, the founder of Platinum Chiropractic, has over 15 years of experience helping patients throughout Eden Prairie overcome painful conditions through the use of gentle chiropractic care.

Your doctor will create a treatment plan using the gentlest techniques possible, such as the Gonstead technique. The goal is to restore a healthy environment for your spine to thrive. Rather than simply repairing damage and treating symptoms, the doctors at Platinum Chiropractic focus on restoring neuro-spinal function to target the main source of your pain.

Don’t live another day with back pain. Schedule a complimentary consultation with a qualified doctor at Platinum Chiropractic in Eden Prairie today. Call at 952-941-2225.

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