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The Signs You May Be Suffering from Text Neck

Written By Platinum Chiropractic on February 5, 2019

Do you spend a lot of time using laptops, cell phones, and other electronic devices? Have you found yourself suffering from an increasing amount of neck pain? 

Then you may have what is now known as “text neck,” a growing epidemic that’s caused by  extensive use of technology.

What Is Text Neck? 

Dr. Hansrai conducted in-depth research into how our use of technology is affecting our neck and spines, and his findings make for concerning reading. 

He explained how the weight of our head changes depending on how far we tilt it. His research noted that the normal weight for our head is about 12lbs but forward positioning of the head dramatically increases the bearing weight of the head on the neck and upper back. For example:

  • Neutral – 12lb 
  • 15° angle – 27lb
  • 30° angle – 40lb 
  • 45° angle – 49lb
  • 60° angle – 60lb 

This highlights just why our use of technology is causing such a problem, because we’re placing our neck and spine under greater pressure by tilting our heads forward to look at screens. 

What Are the Signs You’re Suffering from This Condition? 

There are a number of symptoms associated with this text neck, primarily those that lead to painful sensations within this area. These may be intermittent nagging pains, severe muscle spasms, or severe pain that can shoot throughout your neck and back. 

You may also experience shoulder pain or tightness, or shooting pain extending down into your arms and hands. These latter symptoms are all caused by nerves being pinched and restricted due to the constant strain of poor posture and forward head carriage. 

How Can Chiropractic Help You? 

If all of the above sound familiar to you, you should talk to the chiropractors at Platinum Chiropractic in Eden Prairie right away. They will evaluate your condition and put together a comprehensive care plan that will help correct the underlying cause of your problem and help correct shifts in your spine so it returns to its optimum condition. 

At Platinum Chiropractic, we not only perform specific adjustments but also provide helpful lifestyle advice that can prevent conditions and ailments from returning.  

A Full and Long-Lasting Recovery 

By undergoing chiropractic care and practicing the lifestyle suggestions your chiropractor offers, it’ll help get rid of those nagging and painful symptoms you’re experiencing. 

Don’t just try and keep your pain at bay – target it once and for all with the dedicated care of our doctors of chiropractic at Platinum Chiropractic. Call 952-941-2225 today.

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