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The 5 Benefits of Receiving Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain

Written By Platinum Chiropractic on December 5, 2018

If you’re currently suffering from or have ever suffered from low back pain – you’re not alone. With 8/10 adults being plagued by back pain sometime during their life, it’s a huge issue and one that can be incredibly debilitating. 

If you’re part of this statistic, it’s time to consider chiropractic care. 

Here’s why.

What’s Causing Your Low Back Pain? 

From poor posture to incorrect lifting techniques, there are so many daily things that can affect the health of your back. And while you may only notice twinges every once in a while, over time, these painful sensations can become too much to bear. 

The 5 Benefits of Receiving Chiropractic Care 

1. It’ll Get to the Root Cause of the Problem

Unlike many other conventional treatments that focus solely on the symptoms you’re experiencing, chiropractic targets the underlying cause. Therefore, it not only may eliminate your pain but also can increase your mobility and ensure an overall healthy and properly aligned spine. 

2. Improved Overall Well-Being 

By providing this comprehensive approach to your health concerns, you won’t just feel the benefit in your back but in your overall well-being.  Plus, your chiropractor can offer lifestyle and dietary advice to help ensure fast recovery and ongoing good health.

3. It’ll Prevent Future Injuries and keep Ailments at Bay 

Chiropractic is effective at keeping future injuries and ailments at bay by caring for the whole body rather than just treating symptoms. Overall improved strength and expedited healing are a result of improved nerve system function.

 4. It’s Scientifically-Proven

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Studies show that a 1/3 patients turn to their chiropractor for help with pain in their back. Hundreds of scientific studies show the effectiveness of chiropractic care for improvement of body function. 

Further research also demonstrates that using opioids on a long-term basis often does nothing for improving the function of patients with lower back pain. 

5. You’ll Feel the Benefits Almost Immediately 

Patients often note that even after their very first session they start to feel reduction of their symptoms. This provides immense relief and helps provide peace of mind that your back pain will soon be a thing of the past.

Enjoy Pain Relief and Improved Health – Today 

By combining chiropractic techniques with lifestyle advice, chiropractors are able to help get right to the bottom of your back pain. This overall holistic approach helps improve your health both physically and mentally. 

Don’t let low back pain rule your life! Get in touch with our industry-leading chiropractors today at Platinum Chiropractic at 952-941-2225

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